Birds in Nebraska, 2021:

ADK 46er Negativity:

Florida, Colombia, Panama, Florida, 2020: flacopafl20

Outdoors, with Animals, on the Finger Lakes Trail (2004-2019): FLT

Fixing Peru, 2019: peru19

Hic Sunt Dracones, 2019: komodo19

Chinese Characters, 2018-2019: china18-19

An Anecdote, 2019: xianecdote19

The Sweaty Linguist, 2019: belingdoling

Winting, 2019: visitingwinter19

Christmas Markets, 2018-2019: xmasmarket

Straight on from the Pinocchio: Tunisia, 2018: twoweekstunisia18

On the Rocks, 2013-2018: ontherocks

Crossing the US, north, 2018: goodadvicecrossing18

Kaua’i with Patricia, 2018: HIPatricia

Death Valley, 2018: deathvalley

Mogollon Rim, 2018: GC3mogo

Eleven Delights, 2018: 11delightsbowd

MegaMalta, 2014 & 2018:

El Mundo es su Mingatorio, 2017: mingatoriobowd

Solar Eclipse, 2017: eclipsebowd

Utah’s Big Five, 2017: UTNP17

In Ireland, 2017: inireland

Whale Sharks, 2017: sharkmex17

  • This one comes with a link to Fred’s site. Fred Crandal is a brilliant player of blues harmonica.

Conferring with A in ‘Oahu, 2017: HIconfbowd

The 60,866-Step Program 2016: gc2-16

Four Hundred Years of Shakespeare, 2016: ukshakespeare16

Blue in Sedona, 2016: sedonacolor16

Hello, HI, 2016: HelloHIbowd

Wales Slugs, 2016: walesslug

Tiny Countries, 2016: tinycountries16+-

Revisiting Halifax, 2016: revisitinghal16

Reading New Zealand, 2015-2016: readingnz15-16b

The Most Hike, 2015: gchike15-1

Picnic with the Hunter-Gatherers, 2015: hobnewyear

Panama People, 2015: panamapeople16

Gibraltar, 2014: gibraltar14

I was in Faro, 2014: faro14

Up in Andorra, 2014: andorra14

Spanish Difficulties, 2014:

Where the Blue Lizards Live, 2013-2017: bluelizards

West with Mom, 2013: withmom

Now and Then in Greece, 2013: Greece

New England Road Trip, 2013: girlsdayne

Jetburg in Salzlag, 2012: salzburgjetlag

Why not Finland, 2012: Finland

The Big East, 2012: bigeast12

Pedernales and Caro, 2012: texas

From Colorado with Mom, 2007: CO07

WWI Time Travel, 1914-2018: timetravel14-18